Finance & Accounting

Brenda L. Galarza

Joined The Trust in November of 2005. Previously, Brenda was budget coordinator for a non-profit organization. She has over 15 years of experience working with social services organizations.

Bachelor's Degree: University of Puerto Rico.

Wendy Duncombe

After beginning her career as a public accountant, Wendy Duncombe joined The Trust in May 2004, bringing with her over 15 years of increasingly responsible work in the area of accounting and finance. More than six of these years Ms. Duncombe specialized in performing nonprofit financial audits, after which she spent several years devoted to working in the public sector.

William Kirtland

William Kirtland joined The Children's Trust in February 2014 and has been a finance professional since 2009, obtaining experience in public accounting, financial & forensic audits, and financial operations & management. Since 2013, Mr. Kirtland has been a registered certified public accountant in the state of Florida.


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