M-DCPS Affiliating Agreement for Educational Services

Trust-funded organizations providing programing at M-DCPS sites must secure an Affiliating Agreement for Educational Services. To facilitate this process, a guide to collecting and submitting the necessary documents has been made available below. Be sure all steps and documents are completed prior to submission, otherwise, approval may be delayed or denied. For questions, please contact your contract manager.

Step 1: Meet with and ensure that school site principal (s) (for each school) agrees with the proposed service details.

Step 2: Complete an Affiliating Agreement-FM-6103 for 2018-2019 contract year of services. Start date should be the date when services will begin.

For organization’s looking to provide services at multiple M-DCPS sites, include all sites in ONE Agreement. Do not complete an agreement for each school, use the Affiliating Agreement Surplus Signature Page for signatures.

IF there is only one school site principal, please list the principal’s name as the contact person at the bottom of page one of the agreement under “School Board of Miami-Dade County Florida”.
IF there are multiple school site principals, please list Linda Amica-Roberts, Ph. D.; Phone Number: 305.995.1945; Fax Number: 305.523.0673, at the bottom of page one of the agreement under “School Board of Miami-Dade County Florida” and list all principals in the Affiliating Agreement Surplus Signature Page.

Step 3: Complete Affiliating Agreement Attachments Section 1 and Section 2. Refer to page 2 of the Affiliating Agreement FM-6103. Sections 1 and 2 must be completed in collaboration with the (each) school site principal(s). If services or scope vary from school to school, organizations should outline this by school. Descriptions must include frequency such days, dates, time, etc.

Step 4: Attach a copy of current ‘Certificate of Liability Insurance’ listing the School Board of Miami-Dade County as the ‘Certificate Holder’ from the organization. See sample.

Step 5: Attach a copy of the Award Letter you received from The Children’s Trust for 2018-2019 contract year and award letter from any other partners funding the program.

Step 6:  Review AA for Educational Services Checklist and ensure that all requested documents are completed and attached as outlined.

** 2-ORIGINAL COPIES of all forms are required, including the Affiliating Agreement Surplus Signature Page for multiple signatures. All documents must be signed in BLUE ink.

All agreements and required additional documents are to be hand delivered to Ms. Daphnie Saint-Preux and logged in by the person delivering them to:

M-DCPS-School Operations
1450 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, Florida 33132