Glossary of Terms

Organizations are often required to complete a pre-application for each grant opportunity. Deadline for the pre-application is generally three (3) weeks before the application is due.

Bidders' Conferences
These are forums for organizations to become better informed about a specific grant opportunity, what their purpose is and what types of organizations should apply.

Application Trainings
Application Trainings are opportunities for organizations to learn about the application for a specific grant opportunity. The information provided during these sessions will pertain to the programmatic and fiscal aspects of a funding application. All questions submitted are included in Q&A (Question & Answer) documents compiled and posted for review by all applicants (see "Application Questions").

Application Questions
During the application period, questions regarding a grant opportunity must be submitted in writing only to the email address provided with each grant opportunity. All questions submitted are included in Q&A (Question & Answer) documents compiled and posted for review by all applicants. NOTE: Before submitting your question, please read through all available Q&A documents for the grant opportunity your organization is applying for, as the answer to your question may already be available.

Technical Support
Technical support will be provided by Trust IT Help Desk staff on laptop computers set up at The Children's Trust offices for applicants that may require assistance accessing Trust Central (i.e., registration, accessing application forms, uploading documents to attachments, etc.). Technical support will also include assistance to users in scanning and uploading attachments if needed. Applicants can drop into these open labs for technical support on the dates and hours shown on our community calendar. ONLY TECHNICAL questions will be addressed at these sessions.

A grant opportunity may have addenda documents issued while the application period is still open. These may describe application updates, include question and answer (Q&A) documents generated by inquiries from other applicants, and/or revisions to the funding opportunity. If addenda documents have been issued for a funding opportunity, they will be available on the Grant Opportunities page.

Appeals Process
Whenever a competitive process is utilized, an applicant that is adversely affected by a procedural determination may file a Request for Review/Notice of Appeal within seventy-two (72) hours following the receipt of written notification from The Trust of the applicant's failure to advance to the next stage of review due to a critical flaw, or within seventy-two hours (72) following receipt of the president/CEO's written recommendations for funding to the board. Download complete details