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The Children's Trust 
3150 SW 3rd Ave (Coral Way)
8th Floor
Miami, FL 33129
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Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Phone: 305.571.5700


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Executive: 305.857.9034
Finance: 305.854.0289
IT & Communications: 305.860.2328
Programs & Community Engagement: 305.857.9592

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Please note: Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity or provide us with your e-mail address. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.

James R. Haj President/CEO 555
Imran Ali Chief of Staff 220
Susan Marian Senior Executive Assistant 325
Vivianne Bohorques Chief Operations Officer 265
Juana Leon Administrative Services Manager 541
Ernesto Perez Contract Manager 329
Muriel Jeanty Clerk of the Board 292
Lisete Yero Office Manager 298
Claudia Del Valle Administrative Assistant 395
Jaqueline Gaitan Administrative Assistant 559
Finance & Accounting
William Kirtland Chief Financial Officer 334
Wendy Duncombe Controller 320
Chareka Hawes Accounting Operations Supervisor 321
Perla Zepeda Accounting Manager 299
Brenda L. Galarza Fiscal Data Integrity Analyst 330
Kesha (Tarquiesha) Davis Accountant 311
Kenneth Freimark Accountant 314
Dalila Gonzalez Accountant 328
Goran Omerhodzic Accountant 304
Andrea Roberts Accountant 315
Viviana Moncada Accountant - Operations 267
Shirley Emery Senior Accounting Clerk 290
Stephanie Sylvestre Chief Programs Officer/CIO 296
Juliette Fabien Director of Programs 293
Programs - Northeast
Deborah Robinson Senior Program Manager 237
Kathleen Dexter Contract Administrator 286
Hudelaine R. Deus Contract Manager 287
Josefina Greene Contract Manager 259
John Ise Contract Manager 253
Glenny Reynoso Contract Manager 545
Programs - Northwest
Sabine Dulcio Senior Program Manager 268
Robert Feiler Contract Manager 242
Cravel Holmes Contract Manager 234
Yesenia Reyes Contract Manager 282
Urania Vergara Contract Manager 260
Programs - South
Bevone Ritchie Senior Program Manager 318
Ana D. Sanchez Contract Administrator 257
Diana Beltré Contract Manager 258
Marisela D'Windt Contract Manager 256
Garnet Esters Contract Manager 310
Patricia Leal Contract Manager 306
Program & Professional Development
Rachel Spector Senior Program Manager 248
Carol Brogan Program and Professional
Development Administrator
Blanch Johnson Contract Manager 263
Jenny Richiez Contract Assistant 297
Yurena Driggs Contract Assistant 307
Public Policy & Community Engagement
Donovan Lee-Sin Director of Public Policy and Community Engagement 316
Samuel McKinnon Senior Community Engagement Liaison 262
Gus Barreiro Public Policy and Community Engagement Liaison 524
Aundray Adams Community Engagement Liaison 252
Emily Cardenas Director of Communications 516
Elisa Agostinho Communications Editor 519
Sandra Camacho Media Liaison/Community Outreach Specialist 508
Felix Becerra Web Content & Design Manager 509
Victor Rojas Social Media Manager 544
Erika Dambreville Communications Coordinator 243
Research & Evaluation
K. Lori Hanson, Ph.D. Chief of Research Evaluation and Strategic Planning 224
Maria-Paula García Director of Research & Evaluation 222
Dalia Garcia Senior Research & Evaluation Analyst 232
Tameeka Grant, Ph.D. Senior Research & Evaluation Analyst 520
Lisa Pittman, Ph.D. Senior Research & Evaluation Analyst 529
Marden F. Munoz Data Strategist 223
Darrin Buffkin, GISP Community Indicators & GIS Analyst 505
Anna Dilernia Research & Evaluation Analyst 557
Stephanie Maestri Research & Evaluation Analyst 543
Grettel Suarez Research & Evaluation Analyst 240
Zafreen Jaffery, Ed.D. Research & Evaluation Analyst 560
Javier Vazquez Data Integrity Analyst 241
Teresa Cobb Research Assistant 288
Information Technology
Stephanie Sylvestre CPO/Chief Information Officer 296
Erik Pinzon IT Manager 525
Alfonso Arias-Mendoza Database Administrator 514
Human Resources
Joanna Revelo, PHR Human Resources Manager 249
Board Chair
Laurie Weiss Nuell Board Chair 305.571.5700
Shanika Graves Assistant County Attorney 305.375.5706
Leigh Lobrinski Assistant County Attorney 305.375.1358