Strategic Plan

2014 Strategic PlanOur strategic plan is practical and goal oriented. It's the product of input, discussion and consensus among those who implement it and those who are affected by it. It reflects the organization's mission, vision and values, in order to set funding priorities that balance long-term ambitions with short-term needs.

This plan offers strong and achievable recommendations for the children and families of Miami-Dade County. It is grounded in four foundations for healthy child development that are at its core. Download PDF below for details.

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Accompanying documents:
- Strategic funding recommendations for the 2015 funding cycle
- 2017 Snapshot of Headline Community Indicators Updated!

Strategic Plan Development Process

The current strategic plan was initially adopted by the board in September 2014, following an intensive effort from March to July of that year. The full board invested 17 hours of planning across three workshops, and they were supported by the board's ad hoc planning advisory committee, which spent an additional 10 hours in four planning preparation meetings. Professional facilitation and national youth development experts supported the board's planning efforts, inclusive of individual interviews with board members prior to the board workshops. In advance of the board planning process, there was significant program planning work by staff and providers around school health, after-school and summer programs, youth enrichment, parenting and early childhood development. Planning was also informed by input from parents, youth, prior program results and the current research literature in key program areas.